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Junk Car Removal Service Orlando

Our remarkable service will leave you smiling and pleased. There are certain apsects of our salvage auto buying service that will make a difference in the longrun.

Once the vehicle is dismantled at our salvage yard, the car body is flattened and shredded/recycled to make new cars with old metal. This brings up the environment. We are strict when it comes to the state and federal guidelines for automotive dismantling and recycling procedures. Automobile salvage is bringing back resources which will lighten the load on mother nature.

Please be sure to sell your older vehicle to a licensed salvage yard that will recycle your vehicle in an environmentally safe manner. We pay cash for junk cars and salvage vehicles. If you need an immediate quote on your junk car then please call us at 321-228-1754. Junk car removal gets money in your pocket today.
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